The Ultimate Fire Detection Technology for your Worksite

Keeping the workplace safe from fire hazards starts from investing in quality safety fire detection systems around your working facility. Considering the fact that one of the deadliest threats inside a worksite is fire, companies should always keep their fire detection system updated to ensure an accurate response in case a fire occurs within the facility. With the influence of modern technology on detection systems nowadays, it is now time to consider purchasing this type of equipment for its sure benefits.

When purchasing reliable fire safety detection systems for your facility, you should look at the three qualifications it should possess: flexible, innovative, and scalable.

The Ultimate Fire Detection Technology for your Worksite

To help have some further insight on which fire detection equipment is suitable for your facility, here a few suggestions that you might consider:

  • FCamX (Ciqurix) – The FCamX is a revolutionary new safety technology that combines innovative fire detection and surveillance in one IP based system, allowing it to recognise multiple semi-concealed fires in under 12 seconds reliably. FCamX can detect flame both outdoors and indoors at up to 180 metres, in all environments, weather conditions and light levels, including complete darkness, making previously unprotectable areas safe and secure. It is equipped with dual-lens technology, an average ten seconds time of detection, and can alarm around a 180-meter radius.
  • AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 (Bosch Security)AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 sets new standards in visual fire detection by combining reliable smoke and flame detection with outstanding speed. The video-based fire detection is the system of choice when reliable video motion and fire detection is needed, e.g. applications which are not subjected to construction product regulation or supplementation to existing fire detection systems.
  • FCamSolo (Ciqurix) – Another product from Ciqurix, the FCamSolo is a revolutionary technology in a smaller package. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, FCamSolo provides a high-quality security camera, combined with the revolutionary dual-sensor IR technology that makes the FCam series one of the most reliable and accurate fire detection solutions in the world. This particular fire detection system is equipped to notify an 80-meter radius when the fire is detected.
  • MxPro 5 (Advanced)MxPro 5 has been designed to offer more power and performance in a user-friendly enclosure. It packs more configuration, display, status and control options into its interface as standard than any other advanced fire panel, which means less time and cost for customizing a system with peripherals. MxPro 5 is also compatible with AlarmCalm, the fire alarm false alarm management solution from Advanced.

Contact us today if you are interested to know more about how you can turn your worksite facility into a safe and productive environment, and to have an advanced fire detection system.

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