Is Safety Training in Workplace Really Necessary?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can genuinely help workers be prepared and be comfortable while doing their jobs. However, when different hazards and dangers are presented to your workers, providing them with safety equipment is not enough; it is also essential to give them health and safety training to avoid accidents like severe physical injuries resulting from mishandling tools and equipment inside the worksite.

   Is safety training in your workplace essential? The answer is pretty simple; companies should invest and take the responsibility to administer different safety training for their employees. The importance of safety training extends beyond a worker’s introduction to the job. It also encompasses situations when his job changes or when working conditions change. Without an understanding of safety practices related to their career, a worker will be at a higher risk of workplace injury, illness or death.

   To give you more insights into how safety training makes your workplace safe, here are some reasons why you should manage to take more time with this type of practices:

Develop a Positive Health and Safety Culture

The amount of physical and mental stress workers acquires when they are working is immeasurable. It is essential for companies who are exposed to the hazardous and stressful environment to have a planned safety training programs for the benefit of your business’s integrated environment, to meet your long-term goals, and most especially the safety of your workers.

Taking good care of the men behind all the hard work in the operating of your business does not mean that you put too much cost in their behalf, it is how you create a professional atmosphere within your company that will surely attract your workers to work even harder and meets their tasks with passion.

Avoid Financial Risks Caused by Accidents

Since you are equipping your workers with knowledge and skills on how to handle their jobs safely, potential risks such as ill health caused by accidents inside the plant area will be avoided. As much as how you share a good relationship with your clients, this also applies to your workers since they are under your company’s protection. It is wise to invest in safety programs that you can conduct quarterly every year for updated safety measures and proper handling of tools inside the workplace.

Proactively Respond to Identified Risks

Safety trainings can also help you identify the existing safety risks in your facility because it promotes open communication open among workers. By regularly surveying how safe your workers feel when they are doing their daily tasks in the facility, you will be able to identify the different safety threats which you might have overlooked during the routine safety inspection. This insight will ultimately allow you to proactively address the identified risks before they escalate into more serious safety issues.

Establish a Reputation in the Industry

Safety training programs will not only foster professionalism among your workers, but it will also improve your reputation as an employer as well.  Your brand is at risk when your workers are not adequately trained to be safe while doing their jobs. Safety training is mandatory in every industry, and it is a responsibility of every company to integrate and equip their workers with safety guidelines and best practices before sending them to actual handling of their tasks.

Boost Employee Productivity

When most of your workers are trained and aware of the safety regulations and policies inside the workplace, the more likely they can do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

This is supported by the 2015 Safety Maturity Index from Rockwell Automation, which states that Best-in-class companies—those ranking in the top 20% of aggregate performance scores on the index — have a 90% efficiency rating and only 2% unscheduled downtime.

These top companies also achieved an injury frequency rate of just 0.05% – which is 18 times lower than companies that have poor safety standards in their workplace.

Beyond educating your workers on how and when to properly use PPE, safety trainings are a necessity for companies as they help create a healthy and workable environment for your workers.

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