Importance of Real-time Data Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Real-time and event-based tracking of oil and gas data give a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of workers in the oil field. While Oil and Gas industry is still in the early stages of employing big data analytics, most players in the industry are already utilizing data manipulation tools and software to locate and process oil and gas resources, as well as to optimize and control their operations.

It is true that keeping on-track of the oil and gas data can be quite complex, but, through utilization real-time data management solution, oil and gas companies can double the number of active stages of production process and output of their operations more effectively.

In this article, we will discuss the different importance of real-time data management in the oil and gas industry, but first, let us consider the definition of this modern big data management.

Importance of Real-time Data Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Big Data in the Oil and Gas Industry: What does it do?

   The concept of Big Data is defined as a growing volume, variety, and velocity of data. In the oil and gas industry standpoint, leveraging Big Data means using real-time data management technologies that will allow them to collect, manage, and analyze all types of data collected during operations which will not only allow them to improve their overall performance but also foresee safety risks and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Supcon is an automation and analytics company that offers offer various data management instruments specially designed for oil and gas industry. They also work with some oilfields in the Middle East and provide plant-wide automation solutions based on Web field ECS-700 control systems and sharp instruments; With such solutions, oil and gas companies can make their data management more efficient while at the same time enhance the overall productivity and safety of their day-to-day operations. Here are more reasons why real-time data management is extremely vital in the oil and gas industry:

  • Highly Cost Effective – As much as how your workforce should be on time when it comes to maintaining their productivity, your data management should also be accurate in collecting and analyzing data volume. Oil companies have always been generating extreme amounts of data at a very high rate on a daily basis. Near-real-time visualization, storage of large data sets and near real-time alerts are considered the most critical advantages in big data analytics.
  • Effective Communication Between Tasks – Having clear communication inside the worksite between installation managers, drilling engineers, and subsurface teams can enhance the distribution of data if certain areas are dangerous or not. The fast response between different groups in a vast region containing such hazardous elements is a must as it enables a more streamlined operation and more importantly a safer worksite.
  • Reduction of Risk – It is no doubt that when using real-time oil and gas data management, the workers will be more capable of responding to emergency situations. For instance, using devices like the R1000 paperless recorder can give you more insight on how to reduce risk even if it is not yet severe. While these data management instruments can cost a good sum of money, they should be treated as an asset as they are critically important to preserving the safety oil and gas fields and protecting the brand reputation of the company for the long haul.
  • High Accuracy in Drilling Methods and Oil Exploration – Since oil depends on drilling and oil field exploration, any use of big data analytics in this field is considered a boon. Real-time data management devices are being used to increase the collaborative input to drilling, completion and intervention decision making.
  • Maintains Machine UsabilitySafety management and machine maintenance are interlinked areas inside a worksite, which can be deliberately evaluated by a real-time data management device. Oil drilling is a continuous process and machines have to work for long hours under severe temperatures and conditions. Big data is used to ensure that mechanisms are working correctly and are not damaged due to breakdowns or failures.

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