Safety Labels vs. Signs: What’s the Difference?

Whenever we are traveling to places that most people visit every day, we can see different signs or labels attached to walls to give the public prior notice on which way or what they should do in times of disaster will occur. The accurate interpretation of safety signs is crucial to prevent injuries and save lives.

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Why Should You Set Up a Gas Detection System Today?

Investing in a reliable and top-notch gas detection system can be extremely beneficial for both residential and commercial properties.

In industrial settings where gas emissions can go undetected, having a gas detection system installed within the facility can help ensure that the workers are working in a safe and conducive environment. For homeowners in Malaysia, gas detection systems are a sound investment to make if they want to ensure that their family is protected from hazardous gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Safety Tips on How to Handle your Safety Equipment in the Field

For industrial companies and distributors of petrochemical products, safety is more than a handbook: it’s a culture. Regardless whether if the field is located in the heart of Singapore, Malaysia, or in the remote areas of Brunei, it is critical that all workers have easy access or are provided with their own to safety equipment in order to reduce the rate of the incident as they do their work.

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