How Fire-Detection System Work

Keeping the safety of the business facility is one of the significant responsibilities that one should manage to integrate every once in a while, since it upholds the well-being of the people inside the building. Let’s take for example a fire-detection system or fire alarm; it is a network of initiating and notification devices connected to a control panel that alerts people to an emergency in a building. The purpose of installing a fire alarm is to arrange to three fundamental safety procedures namely: to immediately send alerts to a control panel, the authorities, and building occupants so each can take the appropriate action.

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How to Select the Right Fire Detection System (Infographic)

How to Select the Right Fire Detection System

All the potential hazards and fire threats inside a business site is uncontrollably unforeseen especially during working hours when all are busy managing and doing their work. Installing safety alarms such as fire detection systems are one of the worthiest investment inside any establishment whether it is in business or commercial. Fire detection system or directly fire signal is a device that can save up a million lives if installed and used well; if you are aware of the different types of fire levels, how and where a fire can occur on the worksite, you can develop an effective strategy to tackle any fire.

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Safety Labels vs. Signs: What’s the Difference?

Whenever we are traveling to places that most people visit every day, we can see different signs or labels attached to walls to give the public prior notice on which way or what they should do in times of disaster will occur. The accurate interpretation of safety signs is crucial to prevent injuries and save lives.

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Why Should You Set Up a Gas Detection System Today?

Investing in a reliable and top-notch gas detection system can be extremely beneficial for both residential and commercial properties.

In industrial settings where gas emissions can go undetected, having a gas detection system installed within the facility can help ensure that the workers are working in a safe and conducive environment. For homeowners in Malaysia, gas detection systems are a sound investment to make if they want to ensure that their family is protected from hazardous gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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What are the Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment? (Infographic)

Making the workplace safe from all the hazards requires extensive precautions, training, and supervision to help workers do their tasks safely and responsibly. It may seem difficult to exercise a mandatory drill in a massive number of workers, considering that it is time-consuming. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the most highly recommended devices to protect workers against health or safety risks at work. This type of equipment varies from a head to toe gear which includes safety helmets, gloves, eye protector such as goggles, respiratory protective equipment (RPE), and safety harnesses.

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Safety Tips on How to Handle your Safety Equipment in the Field

For industrial companies and distributors of petrochemical products, safety is more than a handbook: it’s a culture. Regardless whether if the field is located in the heart of Singapore, Malaysia, or in the remote areas of Brunei, it is critical that all workers have easy access or are provided with their own to safety equipment in order to reduce the rate of the incident as they do their work.

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