7 Common Safety Mistakes Every Safety Professional Needs to Avoid (Infographic)

Common Safety Mistakes Every Safety Professional Needs to Avoid

Most workplaces today are much safer than the past since the equipment used are more advanced and modernized. Creating a safer environment for their employees has also become a priority among businesses not only to ensure their operational efficiency but also eliminate the health risks posed by different elements in the workplace.

But, despite all the advanced safety equipment that is present in every workplace, there are still places where hazardous components are still active and cannot be stopped. With this present, some workers are even mishandling safety procedures and equipment during working hours which creates severe physical traumas, and also creates an unsafe vibe for other workers.

7 Common Safety Mistakes Every Safety Professional Needs to Avoid - Infographic

Is Safety Training in Workplace Really Necessary?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can genuinely help workers be prepared and be comfortable while doing their jobs. However, when different hazards and dangers are presented to your workers, providing them with safety equipment is not enough; it is also essential to give them health and safety training to avoid accidents like severe physical injuries resulting from mishandling tools and equipment inside the worksite.

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7 Tips to Improve Safety in Gas and Oil Worksites (Infographic)

Unlike any other working environment, gas and oil workers are exposed to toxic chemicals that can affect their physical and internal stability. The physical distress that is present in this environment can ultimately affect worker safety by causing an increase in human error including misuse of equipment and inconsistent procedures that can lead to a higher chance of accidents.

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Advantages of a Portable Multi-Gas Detector

Advantages of a Portable Multi-Gas Detector

Installing detectors in your worksite is very important especially when hazardous chemicals are near human contact. For example, in working environments where gas is present, installing multi-gas detectors can help inform the whole establishment to evacuate and call nearby fire rescue immediately. Safety equipment is essential in gearing up a worker in a dangerous environment. Businesses should be aware of different portable multi-gas detectors that they can make use of in their worksite, having in-depth research with different brands of quality can be one of the steps to consider.

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Gas Detection System

What you Should Know Before Purchasing a Gas Detection System

A gas detection system is a life-saving safety solution that can be installed in any establishments especially if it is always crowded and gas hazards are present in the area. Investing in a gas detection system is extremely imperative in many industries these days as it can automatically detect gas leaks and inform the people around the area before hazards start to spread.

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4 Tips When Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (Infographic)

Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from different brands can give you a wide range of choices to ensure safety in the type of field work your business is into. As diverse as the applications requiring PPE are, the variety of options available for eye and face protection and level of protection each product provides are equally as distinct.

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Advantages of Renting Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the essential equipment used inside a workplace wherein hazards are present. Protective equipment serves as an asset to companies since workers use them for safety. It is only beneficial that businesses invest with this type of equipment since most companies are looking for a competitive edge by purchasing quality and high-performance materials.

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How Fire-Detection System Work

Keeping the safety of the business facility is one of the significant responsibilities that one should manage to integrate every once in a while, since it upholds the well-being of the people inside the building. Let’s take for example a fire-detection system or fire alarm; it is a network of initiating and notification devices connected to a control panel that alerts people to an emergency in a building. The purpose of installing a fire alarm is to arrange to three fundamental safety procedures namely: to immediately send alerts to a control panel, the authorities, and building occupants so each can take the appropriate action.

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How to Select the Right Fire Detection System (Infographic)

How to Select the Right Fire Detection System

All the potential hazards and fire threats inside a business site is uncontrollably unforeseen especially during working hours when all are busy managing and doing their work. Installing safety alarms such as fire detection systems are one of the worthiest investment inside any establishment whether it is in business or commercial. Fire detection system or directly fire signal is a device that can save up a million lives if installed and used well; if you are aware of the different types of fire levels, how and where a fire can occur on the worksite, you can develop an effective strategy to tackle any fire.

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Safety Labels vs. Signs: What’s the Difference?

Whenever we are traveling to places that most people visit every day, we can see different signs or labels attached to walls to give the public prior notice on which way or what they should do in times of disaster will occur. The accurate interpretation of safety signs is crucial to prevent injuries and save lives.

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